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Real Estate is an exchange platform designed to promote just and equitable trade, to foster principles of cooperation and coordination with persons engaged, to perfect the mechanism of free and open real estate market.

Real Estate is more than an online real estate marketplace. As with other free markets, the real estate market tends to be cyclical, pricing and availability of real estate is directly related to forces of supply and demand. Moreover, most scarce asset that we have in our planet today is real property(land), therefore its essential that it be managed just as well as shares of ownership certificates of a publicly traded company. Real Estate exchange platform provides just that, where supply and demand are consistently running more efficiently, transparently than in a traditional real estate transaction.

If you want control in your Real Property transaction, Real Estate is platform for you. Join us.

RPEX is a software as a service real estate exchange platform. RPEX does not offer real estate advice or advise on dealing in real estate transactions. RPEX does not recommend or otherwise suggest that any user commit to a particular property, or that any property owner offer real estate to a particular user. RPEX takes no part in the negotiation, execution or settlement of real estate transactions and at no time has possession of funds or real estate. No real estate transactions are executed or negotiated on or through the RPEX platform. RPEX receives no compensation in connection with the purchase or sale of real estate.

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